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Ever since she was a very little girl, Rachel was an overachiever. While the other pre-schoolers were cutting out shapes from construction paper, Rachel was reading entire books – all on her own! As the years went on, she continued to surpass all expectations of her parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and any other adults she ever came across! Unfortunately, her advanced academic skills weren’t immensely useful when a killer brutally massacred all of her friends at a cabin in the woods three short years ago. It wasn’t easy for her to get over such a traumatic event, but she committed to making a new start for herself, so she changed schools, landed a supportive boyfriend (well…he has his moments), and she even found a new group of best friends. Thanks to all the support she’s gotten from those closest to her, Rachel has made great strides in her efforts to leave her past in the past, and she’s finally ready to fully conquer her fears by boldly going where she’s gone just once before – on spring break.

A quiet fellow who could never quite fit in, Toby was never much of a social butterfly (in fact, he was barely a social caterpillar). Throughout his childhood, Toby could often be found reading a good book or surfing the Internet endlessly…but seldom was he found at a party or having a sleepover with friends (he’s a firm believer that beds are way more comfortable than sleeping bags). He did a pretty good job keeping to himself throughout the bulk of his life…until his BFF Rachel (so maybe he DID have a pal or two) decided to make it her side project to bring him into her circle of friends. Looks like Rachel may have been successful in her efforts, because this spring break, Toby will be putting down his laptop, and exchanging it for a six-pack of beer as he embarks on one hell of a spring blowout in the woods. (the Internet’s overrated anyway…)


Bonnie had one of those “pageant mothers,” and ever since she was old enough to put on a dress and model, she was forced to do so. While other kids were eating Froot Loops and playing on tire swings, Bonnie was drinking homemade meal replacement concoctions and competing on amateur catwalks. As she grew older, she became increasingly rebellious and eventually bailed on the pageant life in an effort to pursue her own passions and dreams. Unfortunately, Bonnie had been so sheltered and brainwashed as a young one, that she never really had the opportunity to develop any passions or dreams. Despite her lack of direction, she managed to coast her way through college, and she’s hopeful that she’ll nail down what she wants to do next…after she gets a chance to relax and clear her head during spring break!


Based on his hostile personality, one might assume that Sam grew up being forced to deal with a whiskey drinking, womanizing abusive father and a passive mother who did whatever she was told for fear of violent retaliation. As it turns out though, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Sam grew up with two loving, caring middle-class parents who did everything they could to provide for him. It’s not entirely clear what outside factor launched Sam into his violent, womanizing, emotionally manipulative ways. Could be too many mature-rated video games – could be that he fell in with the wrong crowd during the after-school program, but something went horribly wrong, and his endlessly understanding girlfriend Rachel is unfortunately the perpetual victim of it. A few brews with his buddies and his gal in the woods may be just the thing he needs to calm down and get his act together…although he has been known to get a bit out of control when he drinks...


Throughout his entire life, Bevan has established himself as a “follower” instead of a “leader.” When he was a child, he took all of his cues from his older brother, which seemed to work out just fine. When he was a young adult, he met his best friend Jacob, whom took his brother’s place as his alpha. As the Hooch to Jacob's Turner and the Cash to Jacob's Tango, Bevan cherished his time with his BFF. Outsiders have often speculated as to whether or not Bevan’s emotional connection with Jacob surpasses “best bros” territory, but nothing has ever been officially confirmed or denied either way. Bromance/romance uncertainties aside, Bevan’s thrilled to be spending spring break with Jacob and his other friends (but mostly just Jacob).


Ever since he was born, Jacob was curious about the world around him, and he devoted himself to exploring, learning, and pushing boundaries whenever possible. As he became a young man, Jacob discovered that he could push even more boundaries and explore even further with the help of some herbal stimulation. You may not realize it by looking at him, but Jacob is quite intelligent and he’s well on his way to graduating college with a major in Philosophy (that is, if he’s not too baked to make it out to his graduation ceremony). While he may be quite knowledgeable in the works of Plato and Nietzsche, Jacob still has a ways to go in learning about the ways of the woman, but this spring break he’s got his hazy eyes set on his longtime friend Bonnie, whom just may become more than a friend.


Lisa is the product of two ultra-successful business moguls-slash-parents who were so busy, that neither one of them ever spent twenty-four straight hours with their daughter (and with one another for that matter). Lisa was raised by maids and babysitters, and once she was old enough to use credit cards, she was given an account with no balance limit and was asked to raise herself. Despite her non-existent parental situation, Lisa did just fine during her grade school years (very rarely did she have to resort to paying off teachers for good marks), and she even pursued a variety of extra-curriculars, including Jiu-Jitsu. She bailed out of her martial arts class before she could become a true master of the discipline, but she learned just enough to threaten any fellas (or gals) who might get fresh with her during this year’s big spring break trip…or during any other trip for that matter…


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