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Peter Herro


Peter Herro was born and raised in the northwest suburbs of Illinois. His passion for film making began at an early age when he found the family video camera and started recording everything. "It was then that I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life." Over time, the family videos evolved into full-length movies, as he was able to practice and further develop his craft.


"I have always had an over-active imagination, but no way of showing people my thoughts. I knew film making was the only place where this was a possibility."


After schooling, Peter moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue film making. He obtained his first internship in 2002 at Spyglass Entertainment. Later that year, Spyglass hired him full-time. In 2004, he was offered a job at Warner Bros. Pictures, where he gained much knowledge throughout a long and healthy five-year theatrical marketing career.


"I have managed to see plenty of movies get a huge box office return based solely off of an amazing marketing campaign."


Not only does he have a clear vision and passion for film making, but when it comes to taking the final product and gaining viewer interest, he has a thorough understanding of the madness of a sales pitch. "I create quality, entertaining products that are propelled and packaged to sell by stellar marketing campaigns."

Kyle Zingler


Born and raised in Rochester, NY, Kyle is an Actor and Producer. He began his training at Geva Theatre Center in his hometown at the age of 13. In 2004, Kyle had the privilege of serving as an apprentice and teacher at the same program he attended as a teenager, Geva Theatre's Summer Conservatory. Kyle trained at Mason Gross School of the Arts BFA Acting conservatory program at Rutgers University, as well as the Atlantic Acting School, NYSSSA, and The Barrow Group Theatre Company.


In June 2010, Kyle joined the cast of Cirque du Soleil's The Beatles LOVE as the lead character, the Pink Nowhere Man. At LOVE, Kyle participated in numerous TV and print spots, including the 2010 season finale of Americas Got Talent on NBC (16 million viewers), and performing with Paul McCartney at the 2012 MusiCares / Grammy event in Los Angeles.  He had the honor of being directed by James Cameron (Avatar, Titanic), and Andrew Adamson (Narnia, Shrek) in Paramount Pictures 2012 release of “Cirque du Soleil’s: World’s Away”.


After performing in almost 1,500 shows with The Beatles LOVE, Kyle moved back to Los Angeles in 2014. He will be appearing in the feature Cardinal X starring  Francesca Eastwood, coming out in 2016.


Kyle is managed by Bohemia Group, and represented by The Rodgers Orion Talent Agency. www.kylezingler.com @KyleZingler

Christopher Lawrence Centanni


My fascination for entertainment started at the age of 6 when I joined acting classes, and participated in numerous school plays and talent shows. During eighth-grade, my interest shifted from performance to writing and production. This change came when I received top grades in a creative writing class with the teacher ultimately submitting my final project to Seventeen Magazine. Throughout high school, I studied journalism and joined the school newspaper to write for the Arts & Entertainment section, writing about TV shows, movie reviews and school theater activities. During high school and college, I participated behind-the-scenes in set design and production with plays such as Shakespeare Sonnets, The Breakfast Club and South Pacific. I was also an extra for Central Casting where I did work on shows Any Day Now and Boston Public.


In 2005, I attended UC Berkeley earning a Film Studies degree in 2007. Film History, Criticism, Animation, Melodrama and Hitchcock were a few courses I took under honorable mentors Marilyn Fabe, Russell Merritt and Amy Rust who profoundly influenced my screenwriting skills. I wrote my first script, The Promise, under professor J. Mira Kopell, who has written for HBO and PBS as well as Los Angeles and New York based producers. Her guidance and direction taught me how to vividly translate my creative imagination onto paper.


In 2009, I moved to Los Angeles and met Peter Herro where we immediately began developing WTF! Peter and I would meet after long 12 hour-days to write and create these scary thoughts that are about to be splatted on screen.


Currently, I’m attending UCLA Screenwriting courses under Tom Lazarus (Stigmata – Writer) helping me revise my current story on conversion therapy and developing my next feature-length horror flick, (of course!)

Adam Buchalter


Adam Buchalter is a Los Angeles-based writer, who wrote WTF! along with Peter Herro and Christopher Centanni.


Adam first delved into the world of screenwriting in second grade, where he wrote an eight-part cinematic series of science fiction scripts in his Mead Composition books. The unreleased franchise was called When Aliens Attack, and it revolved around dangerous extra-terrestrials invading an amusement park. Shockingly, Adam’s seminal writing project still has not found a home at a major studio.


Adam currently has several television and film projects in the works, and he looks forward to curating more nightmares for audiences worldwide as he delves deeper and deeper into the world of horror.

A.J. Sealy


Adrian (A.J.) Sealy is a composer, orchestrator and producer born and raised in Massachusetts; a musician since birth. Studying piano at a young age, A.J. made an early decision to venture into the realm of scoring for media. Graduating from the prestigious Berklee College of Music in May of 2011, A.J. completed the Bachelor’s Degree requirements for a dual major in Film Scoring and Contemporary Writing/Production.


He has since been producing music for a variety of artists based in both Los Angeles and Boston. Working between the two cities, he has been steadily gaining a reputation in both for his writing style and creativity. A.J. has had the opportunity to assist with various projects big and small, from transcription, orchestration, to full scale writing and production.

Natalia Gattini

Costume Designer

Natalia Zuniga is a tailor and costume designer. She excels at quick problem-solving, being cool, and flourishing in high-pressure environments.


Currently creating costumes for TV, commercials, film, dance performances and live events.


Loves to make: friends, flattering + perfect alterations for productions and red carpet, large-scale creature and mascot costumes, bespoke suits, custom womenswear, custom menswear, artistic collaborations, miniature clothing for 1/6th scale dolls, bridalwear.


Currently exploring: neoprene, Gore-Tex, animatronics, LEDs, plastics, 3D printing, laser cutting, mold-making, printing on unusual materials, Tyvek, lenticular vinyl, Arduino, Raspberry Pi.


Natalia has a B.A. in Art & Technology from the University of Texas at Dallas, with an emphasis on textiles and computer science. She lives and works in Los Angeles, CA where she's never bored.

Thomas Petborisooth

Production Manger

Born and raised in California, moving from place to place, Tom’s love for movies has always stayed the same. Writing stories while watching them took up most of his childhood until he could get his hands on his first video camera at the age of 14. Soon after he would shoot sketches and small webisodes on Youtube.


He attended California State University of Sacramento where he studied Film Production in the Liberal Arts program, where he also studied theory and world cinema. In his time he founded The Hornet Film Society where he competed and won in the Sacramento International Film Festival. Later, had audiences with CSU Chancellor, Timothy P. White for later projects.


Five short films later and graduating, Tom moved to Los Angeles where he would work under various Producers working on music videos (Lindsey Stirling, FUSE, Josh Groban) and commercials (Star Wars: Battlefront, Brookside Chocolate, Legos) starting out Production Assisting on David Labrava’s (Sons of Anarchy) feature film “Street Level”.


Tom is currently submitting his latest short film in various film festivals and in the beginning stages of an untitled documentary.

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